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Hadrian’s Villa and Villa d’Este really deserve their UNESCO World Heritage site status. The Renaissance palace of Villa d’Este shows extravagant, gardens and water fountains. The ruins of Hadrian’s Villa still witness the grandeur of ancient Rome.
The town of Tivoli, just outside Rome, is rich with history and culture. A visit to both sites entails garden walks and a variety of ancient architectural styles. Moreover, this tour from Rome is a quiet, elegant escape from the city.

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Small group of 15 pax or fewer
Round trip journey by private bus
Ticket to Hadrian’s Villa
Ticket to Villa d’Este

Hadrian’s Villa and Villa d’Este

Hadrian’s Villa was the most luxurious palace during the Roman Empire. It was created by Emperor Hadrian who was inspired by many of the art works and sites he had seen during his travels. That’s why Hadrian’s Villa combines different architectural styles from Egypt, Rome and Athens, in the shape of an “ideal city”. For this reason you can’t miss a visit. It is a masterpiece that brings together the highest symbols of cultures of the world in ancient times. With a perimeter of almost 5km, Hadrian’s Villa once included an Imperial palace, baths, libraries, theatres and extensive gardens.

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Villa d’Este was a former Benedictine convent, and many experts regard the villa as one of the finest of the Renaissance era. Its Italian Gardens are decorated with a massive and impressive number of fountain nymphs, grottoes and marvelous courtyards, inspired by the gardens of Babylon, one of the wonders of ancient world. Amongst its dense greenery are more than 500 fountains and sculptures, including favourites like The Hundred Fountains and The Fountain of the Organ.
Villa d’Este was built as a luxuriant residence for the son of Lucretia Borgia, a 15th-century duchess who brought drama and gossip wherever she went.

Licensed English-speaking guide
Small group of 15 pax or fewer
Ticket to Hadrian’s villa
Ticket to Villa d’Este
Round trip journey by private bus
Headsets to better hear your guide

Not included:
Shuttle service to and from the Hotel (we can provide extra charge)
Any additional services not previously listed

Dress code:  Casual with comfortable shoes
The tour will take place with a minimum number of 12 pax.


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