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This huge and marvellous church: inside-out and from the bottom to the top.

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Get a Saint Peter’s Square Basilica and Dome tour. From the top you’ll see one of the most incredible view over Saint Peter’s Square and the city of Rome.
Saint Peter’s Basilica isn’t just the most important church in all of Christianity, it’s also the most impressive.It is such a piece of artwork,  that you can understand and fully appreciate only with a knowledgeable tour guide service. Enjoy remorkable views of Rome climbing up the 320 steps to Saint Peter’s Dome.  It was Michelangelo who designed the magnificent dome, one of the largest domes in the world. Saint Peter’s Square is considered a great architectural masterpiece. It’s astonishing:  the elliptical shape, the perfectly symmetrical columns of Bernini’s colonnade, the ancient Egyptian obelisk, the Baroque beauty of the façade and fountains. Traveling with an official Vatican State tour guide will provide a deepr understanding.

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Elevator to the Cupola dome included
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Official Vatican guide

Saint Peter’s Square

Overlooked by Saint Peter’s Basilica dome, the square seen from above resembles a giant keyhole,  echoing St Peter’s role as holder of the keys to Heaven.
The square is framed from two semicircular colonnades, each consisting of four rows of Doric columns, encircling a giant ellipse that straightens out to funnel believers into the Basilica. Bernini described the colonnades as representing “the Motherly Arms of the Church”.
Two white marble discs  mark the elliptical centers of each colonnade.  Stepping on them and looking at the colonnades you will see only the fist row of columns. Due to mathematical facts, the second row is “in the shadow” of the first. What a great masterpiece of Math!
The 25m obelisk in the centre arrived to Rome from Heliopolis in Egypt and later used by Nero as a turning post for the chariot races in his circus.

Saint Peter’s Basilica Dome

There are 281 steps up to the top of the Dome, tickets include an elevator ride. Here you’ll get up close to the stunning mosaics and stucco embelishments inside the dome. Seen from below these mosaics are beautiful but up close, you’ll understand just what impressive works they really are.
This is so special, because you will be looking down on the inside of St Peter’s Basilica from above.
You can also walk out onto the roof of the Basilica. Also, you can go to the front and have a better look at the statues you see down from the square.
It was Michelangelo who designed the magnificent dome. A model for numerous other domes, including the United States Capitol Building. Saint Peter’s Basilica Dome has a height of 136 meters and an internal diameter of 42 meters, making it one of the largest domes in the world.

The interior of the Basilica

Back on the ground floor, it’s time for a Saint Peter’s Basilica tour. Its lavish interior contains many incredible works of art, including Michelangelo’s “Pietà” and Bernini’s altarpiece.
According to Catholic tradition, St. Peter’s Basilica was built upon the burial site of St. Peter the Apostle, the first Bishop of Rome and regarded today as the first Pope. A church has existed on this site since the reign of Constantine the Great, the first Roman Emperor to convert to Christianity around 300 AD. The current Basilica is actually a masterpiece of Renaissance architecture.

Price per person: Euro 55,00
The visit as describes starts at 8:30 in the morning and lasts approx  4 hours.

Cupola entry ticket (with elevator)
Radio guides
Official Vatican guide

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Shuttle service to and from the Hotel (we can provide extra charge)
Any additional services not previously listed

Dress code
Shoulders and knees must be covered. The rule is both for men and women. Visitors not dressed appropriately will not be allowed to enter the Basilica.

Operating on: Friday
The tour will take place with a minimum number of 12 pax.



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