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Be out in nature and wonder what life would have been like 2,700 years ago.

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It will be nice to escape the crowds of Rome and be out in nature and just roam the sight over the stunning countryside of Rome and wonder what life would have been like over 2,700 years ago.

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Private transportation from city centre
Small group of 15 pax or fewer
Knowledgeable English-speaking guide
Ticket to Necropolis of Banditaccia
Private tour of Odescalchi Castle, Secret Garden included
Bracciano city centre tour
Lunch included

Who were the Etruscans?

The Etruscans lived in the area we now call Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio, north of Rome. 
No one knows exactly where the Etruscans came from, but bronze and clay pots they brought with them had similar features as ones from Asia Minor. But whoever they were and wherever they came from, they brought civilisation to Italy. They brought knowledge of the arts, architecture, warfare and religion, metal work, navigation and agricolture. They planted the first olive trees and grapevines in Italy.

Not many people know about the history of the Etruscans, but this ancient civilization played a fundamental role in the genesis of Rome. Before the Rise of the Romans, the Etruscans were the true rulers of large part of Italy. Ferocious warriors, but also lovers of art, they occupied vast territory and even provided Rome her first kings. The Etruscans pre-date the Roman civilization so Etruscan history and ruins are even older than Roman ones.

What we know of the Etruscans today, is mainly because of Etruscan tomb findings.
Few places house such a wealth of Etruscan treasures as Necropolis of Banditaccia in Cerveteri, just outside Rome. Its vast necropolis is populated with tombs built to imitate the daily life of their dead, and thus give a very vivid impression of how these people lived more than 2,700 years ago.

Necropolis of Banditaccia

An intense feeling of emotion emanates from this town whose people belonged to a mysteriously disappeared civilisation.
This fine necropolis stands in a very serene area planted with pine and cypress trees. It is real town with two main streets and small squares, flanked by several Etruscan tombs and burial grounds, covered with grassy hillocks and which convey an unforgettable feeling of strangeness. The Etruscan dead were buried in large tombs, accompanied by several gifts and grave objects that they couldn’t live without in the afterlife. The purpose was to boasts their wealth and to perpetuate an opulent lifestyle even after death.
Some of the tombs are monumental, cut into the rock and topped by impressive burial mounds known as tumuli. Most are highly decorated with either paintings or wall carvings of remarkable quality, like Tomb of the Reliefs.

Lake Bracciano

A peaceful escape from Rome’s crowd, the lake is one of the major lakes in Italy, the second largest in the region. An area of central Italy you’ve actually seen countless times on your television screen. The three small cities perched over the lake are beautifully preserved old towns that continue to be used extensively each time international production companies need to shoot TV series or movies set in the Middle Ages, in the Renaissance or even just in the 1800s.

Passing by tranquil landscapes, the tour will take you to the quaint town of Bracciano.  Over the years, Bracciano has been owned and dominated by many different groups of people and noble families. It comes from humble beginnings; in Etruscan times it was a small fishing village. It slowly began to gain more importance around the 10th century BC when a military tower was built to aid in the defence against the Saracen attacks in Italy.

Today, Bracciano is a great mix of history and nature. The town itself is quite small but is home to an impressive medieval castle that looms over the town centre. Though the castle is the main attraction, the town itself is worth exploring for its winding medieval streets and sweeping lake views.

The majestic  Odescalchi Castle was completed in the 15th century and is one of the largest and well preserved castles in Italy. It now hosts cultural events,  wedding venue for the rich and famous, like Petra Ecclestone and James Stunt, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, and many others.

The museum showcases the original furnishings, frescoed ceilings, renaissance paintings and ceramics as well as a collection of weapons and armour from the Middle Ages. You can also admire its defensive structures, ramparts and gardens on the castle grounds.

Private transportation from city centre
Small group of 15 pax or fewer
Knowledgeable English-speaking guide
Ticket to Necropolis of Banditaccia
Private tour of Odescalchi Castle, Secret Garden included
Bracciano city centre tour
Lunch included (drinks not included)

Not included
Shuttle service to and from the Hotel (we can provide extra charge)
Any additional services not previously listed

Dress code
Casual with comfortable shoes

The tour will take place with a minimum number of 12 pax.



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