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Special access to 3rd, 4th and 5th level and to the Colosseum Underground

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Underground Colosseum tour is longer then usual. Not only you will skip the line, you will have a special access to the underground and upper levels. Later, by visiting the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill, you will learn about Ancient Rome throughout the ages.

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Small group of 15 pax or fewer
Skip the line tickets to the Colosseum
Skip the line tickets to the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill
Special Access to the Colosseum Upper Levels, Arena Floor and underground
Complimentary brunch in one of our selected spots to “Do as the Romans do”

Colosseum tour

Step off the usual tourist path and hear the echoes of Ancient Romans. As you walk beneath the Arena, along tunnels, you can easily imagine to hear lions and tigers roar from their cages, while gladiators sharpen their swords.  As you explore the 3rd, 4th and 5th levels, you’ll learn why Roman society was so stratified and what it meant for people’s everyday lives.  In the past, these might have been the cheap seats, but once you see the entire Colosseum spreading out beneath your feet you’ll understand that today they are anything but cheap.

The Palatine Hill

We’ll step further back in time at the Palatine Hill to discover the birth of Rome. Your guide will tell you the story of Remus and Romulus, the abandoned babies who, legend has it, were found on Palatine Hill by the she-wolf who raised them as her own. Romulus is often said to be the founder of Rome, after he fought his brother for the right to establish an empire. Explore the ruins of Rome’s first palaces,  some of Ancient Rome’s most extravagant private villas. Today only part of them remain, but they hint as lifestyles of wealth beyond even our modern standards that your guide will tell you all about.

Roman Forum

Your journey through Ancient Rome will take you to the Roman Forum, to the marketplace that once bustled with life. You will walk Via Sacra which was once walked by Caesar’s army returning home from war and you will see the place where Caesar himself was cremated. You’ll skip the lines over at the Roman Forum and head inside for a full tour of Ancient Rome’s bustling civic center. As you literally walk in the footsteps of men like Augustus  (the roads contain their original paving stones) you’ll get a fascinating crash course in the history of the empire that founded Western Civilization. Along the way, you’ll stop by old monuments, temples, and governmental buildings that your guide will help you to understand.

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We know that after a tour like the one in the Ancient Rome you can be tired, so it’s time to have a drink and something to eat. We will take you to one of our favourite small,  cozy cafes, where romans are used to have something to eat at lunch time.

The tour lasts
4 hours for Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill

Licensed English speaking guide
Small group of 15 pax or fewer
Colosseum tour with skip the line tickets
Roman Forum and Palatine Hill tour with skip the line tickets
Special Access to the Colosseum Upper Level, Arena Floor and the Colosseum Underground
Headsets so you can always hear your guide
Brunch in one of our selected spots to “Do as the Romans do”

Not included:
Shuttle service to and from the Hotel (we can provide extra charge)
Any additional services not previously listed

Dress code: Casual with comfortable shoes
The tour will take place with a minimum number of 12 pax.


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