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Baths of Caracalla and Roman Houses at Cealium, go off the beaten path.

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A nice visit of Ancient Rome. The archeological sites of the Baths of Caracalla and the Roman Houses at Cealium Hill are off the beaten path and you can’t skip them if you want to learn about Ancient Romans’ lifestyle. Let our expert English-speaking guide take you to these wonderful archaeological sites where you can understand so much about the history of Rome, and admire its ancient glory.

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Small group of 15 pax or fewer
Ticket to the Baths of Caracalla
Ticket to the Roman Houses at Cealium
Complimentary “Apericena” in one of our selected spots to “Do as the Romans do”

The Circus Maximus

The Circus Maximus was a chariot racetrack in Rome first constructed in the 6th century BC,  located in the valley between the Palatine and Aventine Hills. The curved seat end continues to be excavated today whilst the main part of the circus is best preserved underneath the ground, which is still used for large public events such as concerts and rallies. More about the Circus Maximus.

The Baths of Caracalla

How Ancient Romans had relax 2,000 years ago? The Baths of Caracalla will help to understand? Let’s go then! They are hosted in a green, quiet and safe place. Built between the years 212 and 216 AD under the eagis of Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus,  the Baths of Caracalla were one of the greatest and more magnificent thermal complexes in ancient times.  More about Baths of Caracalla

The Caelian Hill: the Roman Houses

The last leg of this half day tour is an ancient Roman Houses on Caelian Hill, buried underneath an ancient Basilica. The Roman Houses consists of twenty rooms, ten of which are beautifully decorated with frescoes and in some cases still have the original mosaic floors. More about Roman Houses.

Our signature: “Do as the Romans do”
After Ancient Rome visit tour, we will be glad to show you “As the Romans do” today. We will have the pleasure to bring you at the foot of Cealium Hill, in a cozy place where Romans are used to have an “Apericena”. What’s an Apericena? It’s something related with food and drink and nowadays Romans’ lifestyle. Enjoy.

The tour lasts:
4 hours

Licensed English speaking guide
Small group of 15 pax or fewer
Tickets to the Baths of Caracalla
Tickets to the Roman Houses at cealium
Headsets so you can always hear your guide
Apericena in one of our selected spots to “Do as the Romans do”

Not included:
Shuttle service to and from the Hotel (we can provide extra charge)
Any additional services not previously listed

Dress code
Casual with comfortable shoes
The tour will take place with a minimum number of 12 pax.



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