Rome, Caput Mundi

There’s no place like Rome. 
The rich tapestry of ancient history, monuments, emotional people, and iconic food make Rome the ideal destination for anyone with a thirst for world culture.
There are relics of old worshipped gods scattered across the city, cafe bars through which both the young and old pass briefly for an espresso and the latest gossip, a rush of waiters laying out tables on the pavement before the lunchtime rush, and too much traffic on the road.

Rome is every stereotype you’ve ever heard and even more – and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Equally as predictable in Rome are the attractions that people want to see, and the cool things they want to do.
Everyone wants to see the Colosseum, the Pantheon, and St. Peters. And for good reason too as they’re all exceptional things to see. Each one will leave your jaw more open than the last – but surely there’s something less predictable to do?

Rome off-the-beaten-path

You will love for sure to get off-the-path for a little while to uncover alternative, local, and unique things to do in every city.  
With Rome there has never been any exception either. We will make sure that you can visit also places that may not just entertain you but also be great or unusual enough to amaze you.
Whilst you’re preparing for your own trip to the Italian capital I hope we will have the chance to show you an unusual aspect of the city that you’ve (hopefully) not been suggested before.